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Improved Installer for Financial Calculators


Financial Calculators

By RWent Inc.


Mortgage calculator, loan, lease, bond and investment. Rate of return, deposit and withdrawal results after tax. Save and print portfolio.


Solve 28 separate scenarios with the click of a button including

Return on Investment ROI

Internal Rate of Return IRR






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Mortgage Calculator / Solver

Find a Suitable Loan Solver

Lease Solver

Return On Investment Calculator

ROI Monthly Deposits Calculator

Return Calculator with Taxes

Withdrawal Calculator with Taxes

Bond Yield to Maturity Calculator

Nominal vs. Effective Interest Rate Solver


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Calculate a Basic Mortgage

Find a Suitable Loan and Payment

Lease Solver

Return on Investment Deposits

ROI Investment Monthly Deposits

Return Calculator With Taxes

Withdrawal Solver With Taxes

Nominal vs. Effective Interest Rates

Bond Yield to Maturity Calculator















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